Donetsk, Apr 14 - DAN. Russia began supplying feedstock to DPR enterprises, affected by the war, from Russian reserves, said the chairman of the inter-ministerial committee for humanitarian aid to Donbass affected areas Sergey Nazarov.

"Feedstock for Donets and Lugansk regions' enterprises, which halted operations due to Kiev-imposed economic and transport blockade, is temporarily supplied as humanitarian aid from the federal inventory reserves," he said.

The Federal Agency for State Reserves (Rosrezerv) confirmed the information.

"Rosrezerv provides humanitarian aid to Donbass enterprises with the use of reserves," the head of the agency Dmitry Gogin told TASS News Agency.

Nazarov said it was an extraordinary measure. "The reconstruction of economic ties with Ukraine in accordance with the Minsk Agreements will allow canceling the external management with restoration of owners' rights."

"As for the reports of some media sources on iron ore supplies to Donbass from Russian enterprises, there are no such supplies." *ot