Donetsk, Jul 7 – DAN. A large-scale forum named "Russia-Donbass: Consonance of Priorities" is to take place in Donetsk on July 15, the DPR-based Russian Center announced.

"The Russia-Donbass: Consonance of Priorities Forum organized by the Russian Center public organization under the aegis of the All-Russia political party "United Russia"", the report reads.

About 800 participants are expected to join the Forum coming from the DPR, LPR and Russia, among them politicians, scientists, cultural figures, veterans of labour, teachers and students, representatives of public organisations and movements, sportsmen and service members.

The Forum shall focus on Russian achievements in politics, culture, medicine, sciences, sports, education and IT.

The center for registration at the Russian state website for state services will be available as part of the event. *ot