Donetsk, Oct 29 – DAN. The residents of Staromaryevka, including Russian citizens, occupied by Kiev forces are subjected to violence from the Ukrainian side, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in its commentary published on the official website.

"According to available information, the situation is complicated, as Ukrainian army servicemen visit the township to carry out "filtration activities". They introduce a sort of curfew, residents are not allowed outside their houses within the framework of passports checks".

The most violent situation was seen in the beginning of this week, when DPR and Russian documents were confiscated from their owners, who were subjected to violence.

The Ministry said that currently the ICRC members have appeared at the entrance to the township and supplied locals with food and essentials. The OSCE SMM is observing the situation.

The Foreign Ministry pledged to protect Russian citizens and called on the Normandy Four to execute pressure on Kiev to stop the violence. *ot