Donetsk, Jul 22 - DAN. Russia will supply 11 new harvester threshers to Donetsk People’s Republic farmers under a leasing scheme in autumn, the DPR Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry reported on Monday.

“The Ministry held talks with a Russian-based supplier of agricultural machinery,” the report said. “the parties finalised and approved equipment specifications, components and spare parts. The first request order includes the delivery of 11 harvester threshers.”

The equipment will be supplied on lease terms to refresh the Republic’s fleet of agricultural machines, the Ministry added.

Earlier, DPR Head Denis Pushilin said at a meeting with farmers that the DPR government was working on a leasing programme to upgrade the agricultural machinery fleet.

Leasing is a type of investment activity in which the lessor or the leasing company acquires equipment from the supplier and leases it to the lessee with the right to purchase it. Leasing differs from credit in that property is transferred for use instead of money.*jk*pp