Alexander Vladimirovich,



We belong to the same faith, meaning we both do believe in eternal life. That is why I address you as though you are alive.

On this hard day, I tell you the same thing I told you on your birthdays: you are a tough guy, a true hero, and being your friend is a great honor.

You are always in a hurry, Sasha. From the head's office to the frontline, from there, if not injured, to a meet miners, than farmers, than to open a school… Indeed, how can one not be in hurry when there are so many issues people wait only for you to settle.

Therefore, you are in a hurry to pass away. You are in a hurry though the time is not yet ripe. Too early. However, if there is no other way, I tell you as always: take care, brother.

Take care there, if it is impossible here.



September 2, 2018