Donetsk, Oct 18 – DAN. Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) masterminded the attack on the DPR Hero Arseniy Pavlov, best known in Donbass under his code name Motorola, the Republic's Head Aleksander Zakharchenko said speaking at a debate show, Evening with Vladimir Solovyov, on Rossiya1 TV channel.

"The operation was masterminded by Ukrainian Security Service (SBU). It is a state-level terrorism," he said.

Zakharchenko assumed that Kev's objective is to frighten and spread panic among Donbass people. "But they (SBU) won't achieve it. They won't get away with my friend's murder," he added.

Arseniy Pavlov was killed on October 16th in the blast of an explosive device planted in the hallway of the block of flats in central Donetsk where he lived. Investigation is led by the DPR Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of State Security.