Donetsk, Feb 1 – DAN. The Russian Donbass doctrine reflects the choice made by the people of the region, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova representing the Republic at the Minsk talks.

"We could not but pay attention to a number of clear contradictions and messages that have been voiced by the head of the Ukrainian delegation, among others. First of all, that the adopted Russian Donbass doctrine allegedly contradicts the Minsk Agreements. This is just not true for several reasons."

Nikonorova emphasized that the doctrine is not an official document or a law, but a result of scientific, cultural and educational community research that reflects hopes and mood of the region.

"Kiev representative should study the Minsk Agreements better before making resonating press statements. An addendum to the Article 11 clearly stipulates the possibility to develop cross-border cooperation with Russia, consequently, the Republic not just complies with the Minsk Agreements but acts within the fairway defined by the document."

"We remain committed to the Minsk Agreements, our position is cleat, understandable and transparent," she said.

The Russian Donbass ideological platform was presented to public at the Donetsk Forum on January 28.

According to the DPR Head Denis Pushilin, the ideological platform should “define the concepts, scientifically explain the shared position. To design the future effective state management system the Republic should mould a doctrine that reflects basic aspects of cultural and historical development of the region, the life stance and the mentality of the Donbass people, the emergence of the statehood idea.*ot