Donetsk, Dec 11 – DAN. Office of the Ukrainian president has partially restored correct versions of the Normandy Four summit communique, said DPR Head Denis Pushilin.

"After the falsification in the communique was revealed, Zelensky accepted our demands and edited the text making it identical to the coordinated original. Still, only Ukrainian and Russian versions have been corrected. The English document remains falsified. Are they hoping no one will notice?" Pushilin said.

He said the situation might have been attributed to absent-mindedness of "the presidential office servants", if not for the fact that the final communique was harmonized in English.

"Such forgery is unacceptable. I can only suggest they consult the English-language original published at the Élysée website. We once again explain to Kiev that until all the versions at their presidential site are corrected we are not going to fulfill the decisions of the summit. Ukrainian authorities must eliminate the consequences of their forgery," Pushilin said.

The original communique says that the sides are interested in agreeing within the N4 and the Contact Group on all legal aspects of the special order of local self-government – special status.
The document published at the website of Ukrainian president first referred to "all legal aspects of the law on the special status". Thus the concept of the special status was narrowed down to one particular law to avoid amendments to constitution stipulated by the Minsk Agreements. *ot