Donetsk, Jan 28 - DAN. Donbass has become an example of fight for Russian-speaking residents’ rights across the whole post-Soviet space, Donetsk People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin said at the “Russian Donbass” international forum in Donetsk on Thursday.

“Donbass has defined a sacred mission for itself: to help those who have always stood for Russia and by Russia,” Pushilin said. “To help become aware of their true identity.” “It is Donbass that has become a symbol capable of consolidating Russian and Russian-speaking citizens of post-Soviet countries. Only common values, ideals and norms can become a foundation for successful functioning of modern states with intrinsic ethnic, cultural and language disagreements.”

This unifying force is Russian culture with its huge spiritual potential and intellectual opportunities,” he said.

Donbass made its own contribution to the Russian civilisation heritage,” the DPR leader reminded. “Many culture figures, researchers, writers and poets, artists and musicians, scientists and inventors of global renown have Donbass roots. People here are particularly aware of the danger of the attempts to shatter the Russian unity, and deprive Russians of their historical memory and identity.”

Earlier reports said that “Russian Donbass,” a two-day international forum which will adopt the doctrine of the state policy of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics had opened in Donetsk. The event brought together some 400 participants including DPR and LPR leaders Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik, Russian parliamentarians Andrey Kozenko and Kazbek Taisayev, political scientists, university teachers, researchers, culture figures, journalists and activists.*jk