Donetsk, Feb 27 – DAN. DPR People's Council has adopted in a second reading the tax law binding all non-resident enterprises to register with DPR authorities until March 1, 2017.

All non-resident legal or physical entities should sign contracts with DPR tax agents before March 1.

All 90 lawmakers voted for the bill at today's extraordinary meeting.

The first reading was held on February 10. As the Parliament chairman Denis Pushilin said, the new law was needed as enterprises registered with Ukrainian authorities continue working in DPR as the economic blockade continues, and such companies do not pay taxes to the Republican budget.

According to the adopted law, in case the agreement with DPR tax agent is not signed by the due date, non-resident enterprise or entrepreneur goes into receivership (state temporary administration management).

First edition of the document set March 31 as the due date.

"After DPR and LPR leaders issued a statement, we adjusted the dates and set March 1 as the date for the contracts to be signed," side the Parliament vice speaker Olga Makeyeva.

DPR and LPR heads urged Kiev earlier today to stop transport blockade by March, 1. DPR and LPR shall place under receivership enterprises operating under Ukrainian jurisdiction and shall halt coal exports to Ukraine if Kiev doesn’t lift the transport blockade by the beginning of March.*ot