Donetsk, Sep 26 — DAN. Election committees at the DPR referendum on joining Russia have put nearly 150,000 citizens on additional voter lists, the Head of the Central Election Commission Vladimir Vysotskiy said.

DPR residents who did not find themselves on voter lists for the referendum, but provided sufficient proof of their voting rights, are put on additional voter lists.

Vysotskiy explained that the turnout as of Monday evening will be calculated based on the final voter numbers, including the additional 150,000 residents. 

The latest turnover was estimated at 77,12 pc as a total of 1,202,855 people cast their ballots in the DPR, and 327,093 people voted abroad.

The referendum is taking place through September 27.  Four days have been allocated for voting in public space of residential areas and one day for in-person voting at polling stations. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier said that Russia would support the decisions of residents of Donbass and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions on their future, which would be made at the referenda held in all the four regions. *ot