Donetsk, Mar 17 – DAN. Ukrainian side in the Contact Group talks has left the negotiations as political issues were being discussed, the DPR Foreign Ministry said.

"Representatives of Ukraine are willing to do anything just to avoid discussion of the issues they dislike. That is why they decided to adopt the language of ultimatums, as they said that they would join the online meeting if only representatives of the public do not take part in the meeting. In particular, those representatives falsely accused of establishing a terrorist organization by Ukrainian courts on political bias," the Foreign Ministry said.

As a result, Kiev's delegation left the talks without specifying which terrorist organization the representatives of the public created.

"We qualify such incidents as a direct violation of the Package of Measures, which enshrines a guarantee of non-persecution and non-discrimination against persons participating in the events in Donbass. Instead, Ukraine delivers verdicts on those persons and is trying to interfere with the affairs of the Republic in order to influence the composition of its delegation. Kiev mistakenly believes that launching criminal cases can remove undesired participants."

The video conference of the Contact Group kicked off on Wednesday after a two-hour delay caused by the Kiev's delegation disruptive attitude.*ot*pp