Donetsk, Oct 12 - DAN. Ukrainian representatives in the subgroup on humanitarian issues have derailed the session, Donetsk People’s Republic ombdudswoman, the Republic’s representative in the humanitarian subgroup Darya Morozova said.

“People’s deputy (of Ukraine - eds Donetsk News Agency) Galina Tretyakova who participates in the negotiations for Ukraine, has again shown her absolutely incorrect and undiplomatic behavior,” Morozova said. “She disconnected from the conference just a few minutes after the dialogue began.“

For an hour, all the participants, including coordinator of the working group for the OSCE Charlotta Relander waited for the Kiev representative to return to the dialogue. “This did not happen,” the ombudswoman added.

Morozova said that the work of the humanitarian subgroup has been blocked for more than 18 months due to the Ukrainian negotiators’ position. “After Ukraine replaced its negotiators yet another time, we’ve been unable to achieve headway on any of the agenda items,” she said.

Until May 2019, Kiev’s interests in the subgroup on humanitarian issues had been defended by Ukrainian parliament member Irina Geraschenko. *jk