Donetsk, Mar 17 – DAN. Kiev does not consider a peaceful ending of the Donbass conflict, the press secretary of the DPR delegation to the Minsk talks Vladislav Moskovskiy.

"Having exhausted means and methods of protracting the talks, Ukrainian delegation is forced to slip into ultimatums addressing the OSCE SMM and other participants of the talks. Obviously, Kiev does not consider a possibility of reaching a consensus within the talks. Their negotiators keep ignoring the rising number of ceasefire violations," he said.

Moskovskiy said that the Ukrainian delegation refused to review the issues related to the actualization of the measures to strengthen ceasefire and modalities of the coordination mechanism.

DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova pointed out the growing aggressive rhetoric of Ukrainian media towards Donbass.

"It must be concluded that there are no guaranties of Ukraine being committed to the peace settlement, on the contrary, there are guaranties of a forceful solution to the conflict," she said.*ot*pp