Donetsk, Jun 13 – DAN. Kiev representatives failed to show up at the today's meeting of the Contact Group political group in Minsk, said DPR acting foreign minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"Only an expert represented Kiev at the meeting of the political subgroup, who has no official status or confirmed authority to endorse anything or represent Kiev's position at negotiations," she said.

"It reveals the lack of Kiev's responsibility concerning the Minsk talks and its unwillingness to embark on a meaningful dialog."

Nikonorova reminded that Minsk talks are in a deadlock, and the way out is to endorse the Steinmeier formula, though Ukraine avoids it.

"Nevertheless, the heads of the Normandy four foreign ministries confirmed that there is no alternative to the Minsk process and direct talks to the Donbass Republics, this is the only mechanism of a peaceful resolution to the conflict and restoration of peace in the long run."
Kiev representatives to the Minsk talks have long assumed counter-productive position and have been reported to "forget" the agenda, refuse discussion of the key issues, and used meetings to voice their political views.*ot