Donetsk, Oct 1 - DAN. Ukraine has to work hard on amending the law on special status of Donbass and begin the constitutional reform in the country, Donetsk People’s Republic Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova said in comments on further moves towards political settlement in Donbass, after Kiev signed the Steinmeier formula earlier on Tuesday.

“Kiev is facing hard work to introduce amendments to the text of the law on special status of Donbass adopted by the Ukrainian parliament back in 2015; it extended its first, formal article every year though in actual fact the law never operated a single day,” Nikonorova said.

“To be fair, I have to note that the legal norms in Articles 2 - 9 mostly correlate with our principled demands such as securing the status of the Russian language, special economic regime, our own law-enforcement and judicial systems and prosecutor’s offices, special cooperation mode with the Russian Federation, treaty relations with Kiev and many other aspects,” she said. *jk