Donetsk, Jun 19 - DAN. Ukrainian draft law on Donbass reintegration will have minor positive effects for Donbass residents, said DPR envoy to the Contact Group negotiations Denis Pushilin.

"Humanitarian component of the draft law is tenuous. It is another Poroshenko's travesty of a victory. The social, economic benefits and promises embodies in the draft are only a desperate attempt to counter punch Donbass Reunification Humanitarian program successfully run by the Republics."

Pushilin said the law would rather deepen the existing human rights crisis in the region and extend president Petr Poroshenko's powers to enable him to control the military.

On June 15 the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine approved at a roundtable meeting the concept behind the Donbass reintegration draft law.

On June 19, Russian newspaper Kommersant reported that Ukraine prepared a draft law aimed at 'Donbass reintegration'. The newspaper's sources in Ukrainian parliament said that the first reading of the draft might take place this week.

Later Ukrainian president's representative Irina Lutsenko explained that the draft law encompasses the change of military actions legal status, recognizing the Donbass legal status, loosening requirements on crossing the contact line and receiving state services for Donbass residents.

The document has not been presented to public yet, but it is to be submitted to the Contact Group review on June 21.

Some Ukrainian experts assessed the document as a mere PR stunt of the president Poroshenko, as he prepares his visit to Washington. *ot