Donetsk, Jul 28 – DAN. The DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova has called to establish an inter-ministerial commission on searching missing persons.

"The search for missing persons and associated procedures are a complex and challenging process. It needs a systematic and official solution, first of all, based on humanity in the name of mercy to the families whose members are missing. Therefore, due to the urgent nature of the problem, I suggest on behalf of the Special Commission to address the DPE Head with a request to establish an inter-ministerial commission on searching missing persons and sites of the burial of remnants of those killed in the Donbass conflict zone," she said.

DPR authorities have received numerous applications concerning missing persons who disappeared in unclear circumstances, Nikonorova said.

"We are deeply concerned with the number of people going missing in the conflict. They might be imprisoned, held in isolation in unknown places without any communications with the outside world. Possibly, some of them fell victims to Ukrainian extrajudicial sentences. No matter what the circumstances were, it is always an ordeal for their families, who are unaware of their destinies and locations," Daria Morozova, the DPR Ombudswoman said. *ot