Donetsk, Feb 28 – DAN. DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko ordered to include People’s Council, trade unions and employees' representatives in the receivership control team which is to manage the transition of companies operating in the Republic under Ukrainian jurisdiction.

“To stabilize the situation at the companies affected by Ukrainian blockade and to protect employees' rights, I order to set up a special center which will include representatives of employees, trade unions and DPR People’s Council,” according to Zakharchenko’s instruction posted on DPR official website.

The document said the Centre is responsible for working out a plan to ensure the operation of companies including those under Ukrainian jurisdiction and protecting employees' rights. The Centre can seek the assistance of DPR authorities.

Zakharchenko’s order became effective on the date of official publication.

On Monday, DPR and LPR Heads Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy warned Kiev that the Republics would put Ukrainian companies under receivership and halt coal supplies to Ukraine if the transport blockade was not lifted by 1 March.*jk