Donetsk, Mar 7 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic parliament on Thursday adopted a law authorising the State Penitentiary Service to take up the operations and search function.

The amendments to Articles 4 and 14 of the law on operational and search activity were presented by chairman of the parliament committee on criminal and administrative legislation Alexey Zhigulin.

“At the present time, the right to engage in operations and search is vested in the Interior Ministry and the State Security Ministry. This draft law will enable the Justice Ministry’s State Penitentiary Service to carry out operations, in particular on the penitentiaries’ premises,” Zhigulin said.

The first and second readings of the bill were approved by all the 95 legislators present at the parliament session.

The document will be sent to the DPR Head for signing. It will come into force after the parliament publishes it on its website.*jk