Donetsk, Mar 4 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin has amended Decree 57 dated March 14, 2020 on high danger alert in connection with the threat of spread of the coronavirus infection. Decree No 66, published on the DPR leader’s website, lifts a number of COVID-19 restrictions.

Under the document, restrictions are lifted from onsite attendance of open air entertainment, sport, culture, exhibition, advertisement and public events.

Fifty percent crowd attendance is allowed for outdoor or indoor training sessions for athletes. Fans are required to observe social distancing. Earlier, fan attendance at sports competitions was prohibited.

The document also allows to attend fairs.

Restrictions have also been lifted from face-to-face meetings with officials at government bodies, enterprises and organisations as well as from consultations by visiting government representatives, local administrations and DPR parliamentarians.

Decree No 66 was signed on Thursday and came into force.*jk