Donetsk, Oct 24 — DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic parliamentarians have approved for the first time in history their responses to proposed draft federal laws, a DPR lawmaker said following an extraordinary session on Monday.

The parliament considered its members’ responses to the proposed amendments to the federal law “On Information, Information Technology and Protection of Information, ” several Russian legislative acts as well as amendments to the Administrative Offenses Code.

DPR parliament speaker Vladimir Bidyovka said that the proposed laws provide measures of protection against the propaganda of untraditional sexual relationships. “We believe that the ban on the spreading of such destructive information and measures to fight it is the right decision, ” he said.

The DPR parliament unanimously supported the draft laws. The parliamentarians’ comments were sent to the State Duma lower house of the Russian parliament.

The procedure to obtain responses to draft federal laws is envisioned by the law “About the general principles of the organization of the public power in subjects of the Russian Federation.” Draft laws that belong to joint competence have to be coordinated with Russian regions.

Under the international agreement on the DPR’s accession to Russia, the DPR parliament has the powers of the Republic’s legislative body until the election scheduled for September 2023.*jk