Donetsk, Feb 1 – DAN. Kiev's unwillingness to hold talks with Donbass after the two years of war is cynical, said DPR acting foreign minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"Kiev's unwillingness to speak with Donbass people as with a side of the conflict after two years into the war looks very cynical, today in particular: civilians are being killed and towns destroyed in uninterrupted shelling."

She said that the negotiators had not managed to discuss the law on special status of Donbass (Steinmeier formula) during today's talks.

Kiev still cites the Normandy Four format and refuses de-facto to participate in Minsk talks until the work on a road map is finalized.

"The only way to stop the escalation is to embark on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements as soon as possible, as only the fulfilment of political agenda of the Package of Measures will restore peace in Donbass. Political working group's efforts can become productive only if Minsk Agreements are scrupulously interpreted and implemented."*ot