Donetsk, Jun 7 – DAN. The representatives of Ukraine at the Minsk talks try to take discussion of key issues out of the talks' framework, said DPR acting Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

"Summarizing several latest meetings, a destructive tendency is observed: Ukraine positon drags discussion to the issues not on the agenda. At today's talks we managed to minimize the discussion of Ukrainian proposals that are outside the group's competence."

The minister added that Ukraine avoids meaningful discussion. They "decline to discuss the mechanism of implementing the law on Donbass special status". Such attitude not only offsets the Contact Group meaning, but also is at direct odds with the Package of Measures, as it can block the work of other groups, she said.

DPR still hopes Kiev shifts to a "reasonable, sincere and peace-oriented" standpoint.

"We keep reminding our opponents that lives of thousands of people depend on the Minsk talks; we are working hard to implement a plan for a peaceful settlement of the crisis." *ot