Donetsk, Jul 22  — DAN. The DPR has blocked the Google search engine in the Republic, its Head Denis Pushilin said.

“We have made a decision to block Google in the DPR territory. Every society acts this way when it comes to criminals: they isolate them,” he said.\

Pushilin accused the search engine of a direct involvement in the “inhuman propaganda of Ukraine and the West”, which has long crossed all the boundaries. 

“There is a real persecution of Russians, the imposition of lies and disinformation. At the forefront of information technology in this regard is the Google search engine, which openly, on the orders of its curators from the US government, promotes terrorism and violence against all Russians, and especially the population of Donbass, ” the Republic’s leader said.

“If Google stops pursuing its criminal policy and returns to lawful activity, morality and common sense, there will be no obstacles for its work, ” he added.

Earlier, the American microblogging service Twitter and the social network Facebook were blocked in the DPR as they openly supported violence against Russians. *ot