Donetsk, Jan 16 – DAN. The DPR and LPR will hand over a group of detainees to Kiev with the assistance of Viktor Medvedchuk, the joint statement of the Republics representatives in the Contact Group, Natalia Nikonorova and Vladislav Deinego, said.

“he DPR leadership together with the LPR leadership has decided to transfer a group of detainees to Ukraine unilaterally with the assistance of Viktor Medvedchuk. He was notified of the decision yesterday in a letter. The group consists of women, elderly persons and persons suffering serious medical conditions.”

The move is a gesture of good will and sympathy on the eve of the main Christion holidays, The Baptism of the Christ, the statement said.

“There are officials in Ukraine who not only disapprove of the official policy, but on the opposite, show humanity and commitment to efficient participation in the peace talks,” the joint document added.

The most recent prisoner swap took place in April 2020, when the DPR handed over nine people to Ukraine and received ten, though the liberated persons have not been cleared of charges. The DPR has repeatedly emphasized that the legal clearance is necessary for the swap process to be completed. *ot