Donetsk, Jul 8 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic 2nd parliament deputies have passed more than 300 laws during half of their term, DPR parliament speaker Vladimir Bidyovka told the Donetsk News Agency on Thursday.

The DPR parliament spring session has ended the benchmark half of our term,” Bidyovka said. “Over two and half years, the deputies passed 305 laws and 553 resolutions at a total of 87 sessions.”

The speaker underscored that the parliament had passed more than half of the laws currently operating in the Republic. Power-sharing arrangement between the DPR Head and the government chairman, granting Russian the status of the only state language, the adoption of the Civil Code, the minimum wage etc. are among the most significant legislative initiatives, he said.

“I’m satisfied with the parliamentarians’ work: of the 600 laws passed since November 2014, slightly more than a half were adopted by the 2nd parliament deputies,” Bidyovka said.

The DPR parliament (People’s Council) is the top legislative body in the Republic elected for five years. It brings together 100 deputies.  It held its first session in November 2014. The deputies elected to the DPR 2nd parliament had the first session on November 19, 2018.*jk