Donetsk, Jun 15 - DAN. The forms filled in by the detainees during verification process will be handed to the humanitarian subgroup at the next meeting in Minsk, DPR ombudswoman’s office press service said on Thursday.

“Today, the OSCE office launched a Skype conference to carry out verification of the persons who, according to Ukraine, had declined to participate in prisoner exchange,” the press service said. “The detainees are given a form to fill in to confirm their refusal to take part in POW exchange or deny it. The questionnaire data will be available to the humanitarian subgroup members at their next meeting in Minsk.”

DPR, LPR and Kiev resumed verification via Skype conference earlier on Thursday. The ombudswoman's office said the first stage had already been completed and that the parties had taken a break.

Verification determines if the prisoners, upon their release, wish to stay in Ukraine or in Donbass Republics. It has been discussed for a long time in the Belarussian capital as part of the agreements on all-for-all prisoner exchange and amnesty for all Donbass conflict participants.*jk