Donetsk, Feb 20 — DAN. The Russian Federation might make more serious moves in the Ukrainian conflict in the next few days, so western leaders will demonstrate their all-out support for Ukraine, a political analyst told the Donetsk News Agency on Monday in comments on US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine.

“First of all, Biden’s visit demonstrates the support for the Ukrainian regime, so the situation is likely to aggravate for Kiev in the next few days, ” said Dean of the Political Science Department of the Donetsk National University Kirill Cherkashin. “Tomorrow, Russian President Vladimir Putin might announce tougher moves in the address to the Federal Assmbly; consequently, the West, feeling it,  wants to support their protégés. They suppose that Russia might announce tougher moves and are preparing for them.”

Visits to Ukraine by other western leaders might be expected in the near future. They will continue to provide support until Russian troops have smashed the Ukrainian army, he said.

Earlier reports on Monday said that US President Joe Biden had arrived in Ukraine on a working visit. Biden had announced a new aid package for Ukraine worth 500 million dollars which included high mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS).*jk