Donetsk, Jul 18 — DAN. The DPR Head Denis Pushilin has appointed the Head of the Krasnyi Liman local administration.

The decree No. 387 signed by Pushilin today appoints Alexander Petrikin Head of the Krasnyi Liman city administration.

Krasnyi Liman is located in the north of the DPR, and is part of Kramatorsk metropolitan area. The town of Krasnyi Liman is an important railway hub. Its population is estimated at 20,500 people. The Coalition started the assault of the town on May 24, and Ukrainian forces left the area after two days of heavy fighting, the town was announced liberated on May 27.

Russia began its special military operation to defend the Republics pf Donbass on February 24. DPR forces have first liberated southern areas, and are currently liberating the north of the country. *ot