Donetsk, Nov 19 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic lawmakers swore an oath of loyalty to the DPR people at a ceremony in the Republic’s capital on Monday.

The ceremony brought together 100 parliamentarians representing the Donetsk Republic and Free Donbass social organisations.

DPR Central Election Commission chairwoman Olga Pozdnyakova read the final vote count report. Then the participants swore an oath of loyalty to the DPR people and the Constitution. The text read by 1st parliamentary vice-speaker Olga Makeyeva runs as follows: “I solemnly swear to observe the Constitution of the Donetsk People’s Republic, perform my duties honestly and in good faith, be guided by principles of high morals, defend the interests of the people, the welfare of citizens and DPR sovereignty, and perform the lawmaker’s duty with dignity and honour.”

DPR residents elected the new Head of the Republic and the parliament on November 11. The Donetsk Republic and Free Donbass social movements won 74 and 26 seats in parliament, respectively.

The 100-seat DPR parliament (People’s Council) is the only top legislative body in the Republic elected for five years. The election procedure is spelled out by the election law. A DPR resident who has turned 21 years of age is eligible to run for parliament.*jk