Donetsk, Aug 23 — DAN. Ukrainian armed formations have fired three “Uragan” MLRS missiles filled with anti-personnel mines at Donetsk, the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination reported on Tuesday.

Fire was delivered from the Ukraine-occupied Karlovka settlement. The projectiles landed in Donetsk’s Kirovsky district and were sighted in Biryuzova Street. The authorities urged the local residents to be cautious.

Earlier reports said that nearly 50 civilians had been hurt in “Lepestok” anti-personnel mine explosions, but this does not stop the gunmen.

“Lepestok” is a pressure-activated mine of Soviet production. It has two varieties, PFM-1 and PFM-1 °C. The only visible difference between the two is the letter “C” on the PFM-1 °C variety. The first has no self-destruct mechanism while PFM-1 °C activates within 1 to 40 hours since the time of installation depending on ambient temperature.*jk