Donetsk, May 10 - DAN. Three civilians have been killed in Ukrainian gunmen strike at Donetsk’s Kievsky district on Tuesday, the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) reported.

“A 85-year-old woman and two men who are now being identified have been killed in the Ukrainian armed formations strike at Donetsk’s Kievsky district,” the JCCC said adding that it is updating the information on the aftermath of the shelling.

Earlier on Tuesday, the DPR Healthcare Ministry said that two people had been killed and another five including a child had been wounded in the strike at Donetsk’s Kievsky district.

The DPR Healthcare Ministry published an updated report on the Kirovsky district shelling casualties. As of 14:32, May 10, 2022, four people had been hurt in the strike at the Kirovsky district (Tekstilschik neighborhood). The victims received medical assistance in city hospitals.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ukrainian gunmen shelled Donetsk’s Kievsky district with “Grad” and “Uragan” MLRS expending 30 rounds overall. The enemy had used “Uragan” MLRS to shell Donetsk’s Kirovsky district.*jk