Donetsk, Sep 10 - DAN. The “Dolomit” electrical substation that powers a residential area in Gorlovka sustained major damage as it came under fire from Ukrainian armed formations, the press service of the  Donetsk People’s Republic Fuel and Energy Ministry reported on Friday.

“At around 4:00, the 110 kW substation “Dolomit” in Gorlovka came under aimed Ukrainian army fire,” the report said. “The large facility that powers a whole town district is seriously damaged: the cooling grids of power transformer No 2 were punctured and shrapnel lacerated the suspended insulation of transformer No 1.  The 110kW unit is not functioning.”

Electricity is delivered to consumers via reserve line, the press service said.

Ukrainian army units have been targeting  DPR infrastructure recently. This week alone, damage was caused to service lines and facilities of two Donetsk collieries, gas pipes and transmission lines. On Thursday, a Ukrainian army strike caused a power outage in the Staromikhailovka neighborhood in western Donetsk *jk