Donetsk, Jan 30 — DAN. Ukrainian forces have shelled Gorlovka damaging a kindergarten, a hospital and a public services center, town mayor Ivan Prikhodko said on Monday.

“The public services center in Voznesensky Street in the Nikitovsky district was damaged; windows of the hospital in Chernyakhovsky Street were damaged again, ” Prikhodko said in a post on Telegram.

“An apartment building in Voznesensky Street took a direct hit; damage was caused to windows of the kindergarten and two apartment buildings in Dokuchayev Street, and another three houses were damaged in Yakub Kolos Street, ” he said. The information is being updated.

The enemy has shelled Gorlovka six times since the beginning of the day firing 30 NATO-caliber projectiles from the Kiev-held Dzerzhinsk and Novgorodkoye (Ukrainian name is New York).

Earlier reports said that Kiev artillery attacks had left two Gorlovka neighborhoods without electricity.*jk