Donetsk, Dec 2 - DAN. A resident of the Gorlmovsky settlement in northern Gorlovka who was wounded in an October 30 strike by Ukrainian forces has died after prolonged coma, town administration head Ivan Prikhodko said.

“The man wounded in the Ukrainian drone attack on the Golmovsky settlement died on Thursday morning,” Prikhodko wrote in his Telegram channel.

“The 35-year-old man has been receiving treatment at town hospital No 2. Chief doctor Nelya Yatsenko  told DAN adding that the patient has been in critical condition.

“An open craniocerebral injury; he was in coma and had a low blood pressure.  A 7 x 5 cm metal fragment had penetrated his brain and stuck inside; he had wound hemorrhage, bruise and burns along the path of the fragment,” Yakunenko said.

She added that the patient had not regained consciousness. "The blood pressure began to decrease a week ago; doctors switched him to life support, but he was a goner,” chief doctor said.

Two other victims were admitted to hospital in medium severity condition. A 67-year-old man suffered multiple non-penetrating shrapnel wounds. He had primary surgical debridement and was discharged one week later. A 55-year-old resident that three small intestine wounds; he had surgery and was discharged after suture release.

On October 30, 2021, Ukrainian armed formations used a drone to attack Gorlovka. Three civilians were wounded in the attack.*jk