Donetsk, Aug 20 – DAN.  The Prosecutor General's Office began investigative actions at the mass grave site at the Ovsyanoye cemetery in Snezhnoye as part of the case on the crimes of the Ukrainian army against the residents of Donbass, the investigative agency told DAN.

“A group of investigators of the department for the investigation of crimes against peace and security of mankind of the Investigative Department of the Prosecutor General's Office is working in Snezhnoye as part of the investigation of a criminal case on the crimes of Ukrainian armed formations against the people of Donbass,” the press service said.

The investigators are documenting the exhumation, interview relatives of the victims and witnesses in full compliance with the criminal procedure legislation.

As reported earlier, the experts of the commission began their work at the Ovsyanoye cemetery in Snezhnoye, where 50 people are believed to be buried. In the first hours, the bodies of four people were exhumed. One of the victims, a male, had a bullet hole in the skull, the other, also a male, had blast injuries to his limbs, his body was buried burnt. *ot