Donetsk, Sep 12 - DAN. Donetsk People’s Republic State Security Ministry (MGB) officers found a home-made bomb planted under rail tracks on the Mushketovo stretch in Donetsk, the MGB press service reported on Thursday.

“During the operation to counter subversive actions by Ukrainian secret services, the DPR MGB found a homemade explosive device installed under rail tracks on the Mushketovo stretch (in Donetsk - eds Donetsk News Agency),” the report said. “The device was rendered harmless with the assistance of the Interior Ministry and the Emergencies Ministry and sent to the Interior Ministry Forensic Science Centre for further examination.”

The MGB said the saboteurs had planned to set off the bomb to derail a train.

A bomb exploded near the non-operating cinema in Donetsk’s Kalininskiy district at around 14:00 on September 5. A police officer suffered a minor wound in the explosion.*jk