Donetsk, Feb 6 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic Prosecutor General’s Office opened criminal proceedings against the Ukrainian commander complicit in the shelling of the Staromikhailovka neighbourhood in western Donetsk on February 1.

“The PGO Investigation Department launched proceedings over the crime covered by DPR Criminal Code Article 229, Part 2 (act of terror),” the PGO press service reported. “The case was opened against Ukrainian army 28th Mechanised Brigade M.Marchenko.”

“The suspect ordered to shell Staromikhailiovka with infantry fighting vehicle cannons on February 1, 2019. Six houses in Sovetskaya and Ivan Marchenko Streets were damaged in the strike. The shelling caused significant damage to the owners.

Earlier, the DPR office at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination said that houses had been damaged in Ukrainian forces’ strike at Staromikhailovka. Later on, the DPR People’s Militia accused 28th Mechanised Brigade commander Maxim Marchenko of the attack.*jk