Donetsk, Apr 15 - DAN. The Donetsk People’s Republic Prosecutor General’s Office filed a terrorism case against the Ukrainian army’s brigade commander Dmitry Kaschenko  complicit in the shelling of Donetsk overnight to April 15, the PGO press service reported on Thursday.

“The DPR PGO is investigating a criminal case against 58th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade commander Colonel Dmitry Kaschenko and his subordinates over the commission of an act of terror which is covered by DPR Criminal Code Article 229, Part 3, Item b,” the report said.

Investigators found out that Ukrainian servicemen had opened aimed fire at residential areas of the city’s Kievskiy district at Kaschenko’s order overnight to April 15. A civilian was fatally wounded in the strike.

The DPR PGO also opened criminal proceedings against the Ukrainian army’s 28th Separate Mechanised Brigade Commander Maxim Marchenko, whose subordinates caused damage to a house in the Staromikhailovka settlement.*jk*pp