Donetsk, Jun 26 – DAN. DPR law enforcement authorities have apprehended a squad that plotted assassinations of DPR law enforcement leadership, the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.

“DPR law enforcement authorities have detained a group of terrorists deployed to Donetsk to liquidate high rank officials of the law enforcement state agencies.”

The group included a member of the Pravyi Sector radical formation named Sergey, a former member of Ukrainian law enforcement named Viktor, a resident of Kiev named Natalia.

The group was also tasked with reporting locations of military and civilian objects. Its members lived in apartments abandoned by owners who left for Ukraine.

DPR authorities have seized arms and ammunition, including a Savage-type US sniper rifle.

“The group was curated by the 2nd department of the 5th directorate for counterintelligence of the Ukrainian security service. Its members travelled to the US for traineeship focusing on terror attacks in the territory of foreign countries.”

The investigation showed that the squad was curated by Andrey ‘Shved (Swede)’ Baidala who ordered murders in the DPR. *ot