Donetsk, Jul 6 – DAN. DPR police has apprehended on suspicion of terrorism a Donetsk resident who had previously been exchanged with Ukraine and illegally returned to the Republic, the Interior Ministry said.

"Police has detained a 29-year-old Grigoriy Sinchenko charged with a number of felonies committed in the DPR," the report reads.

Sinchenko was detained for the first time in 2016 charged with blowing up retail kiosks and a power line with improvised explosive devices he made himself to blackmail businessmen.

He was handed over to Ukraine during one of the POW exchanges, and returned to the DPR after receiving 100,000 hryvnia in Ukraine.

"He illegally crossed into the DPR and was hiding in forested areas plotting another series of attacks."

He eventually blew up a bridge pillar in Donetsk and equipment if the Republican mobile operator.

Sinchenko was charged with a number of other felonies including plotting a murder of a policeman. *ot