Donetsk, Feb 18 – DAN. A car exploded in the centre of Donetsk, the DPR Mission to the JCCC said.

The blast that was reported in the centre of Donetsk was a car, parked in front of the Government's House, exploding, the Mission said on Friday evening.

The security situation in Donbass has degraded to its lowest in years this week, as Kiev has escalated the tensions on the contact line, inspired by Western media campaign alleging "Russian invasion of Ukraine".

"At about 7 p.m. a car parked at a car park next to the Government's House exploded. The blast wave was heard all over the city," the JCCC said.

The Ministry of Emergencies has sent its crews to the site and called on the residents to remain calm and avoid any travel around the city. *ot