Donetsk, Jan 17 – DAN. Yasinovataya machine building plant (YMZ) is set to double tunneling machine production this year, the Republic’s Industry and Trade Ministry told Donetsk News Agency on Tuesday.

“In 2016, the enterprise produced 16 tunneling machines exceeding production target by one unit. This year, it plans to manufacture 30 tunneling machines,” the ministry said.

Earlier, Ministry officials said YMZ manufactured two types of tunneling machines. KSP-32 model is intended for operation in methane and coal dust hazard mines, while KSP-35 which features the same functions is used for horizontal and inclined tunneling. The equipment is noted for dependable performance and high productive capacity.

YMZ is a leading manufacturer of tunneling equipment for various branches of industry in the post-Soviet space. Before Kiev’s offensive on Donbass, it exported its products to Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Poland, Belarus, Slovakia, Turkey, India, China, Argentina, Egypt and Germany.

In the former Soviet Union, it is the only producer of unique t tunneling equipment used in the construction of railroads, subways and drains of up to 5.6 meters in diameter. As YMZ began to operate in DPR, it produced its first KSP-35 model in winter 2016. *jk