Donetsk, May 26 — DAN. A special economic zone can be established in the Donbass Republics for speedy rebuilding and regional development, said Secretary of the United Russia political party General Council Andrey Turchak on Thursday at the forum which addressed «entrepreneurship in new economic reality.»

It is necessary to draw a list of goods for which a simplified import procedure will apply. Other measures of support are needed for the rebuilding of infrastructure and local consumption, as well as for products that can be supplied to the Russian market, Turchak said in the course of the discussion of economic integration with Donbass and liberated areas, proposing value-added tax and custom duty exemptions.

«Transshipment terminals have to be built in Rostov, Crimea and other border regions. Assistance in deliveries has to be provided to self-employed people and small Donbass businesses as well, “ the United Russia» press service quoted him as saying. 

Long queues of trucks have formed at checkpoints; it is necessary to simplify inspection procedures on the border with the Donbass Republics thus to increase traffic capacity. Turchak also called for considering the opportunity to establish a special economic zone in the territory of the DPR and ensuring the return of part of the funds spent on building industrial facilities. *jk