Donetsk, 11 Oct - DAN. Key industrial enterprises of the DPR and LPR have been transferred from the Vneshtorgservic external management into the Southern Mining and Metallurgical Enterprise (YuGMK), the Director General of YuGMK Evgeniy Yurchenko said.

"I am the sole owner of the YuGMK, I am its investor. It has been appointed a temporary administrator of seven major metallurgical and coke-chemical enterprises. This is absolutely not a privatization, it is a planned and thoroughly prepared action aimed at reinvigorating the industries of Donbass," he said.

According to the new investor, the decision had been made to make the management system more transparent and accountable.
"I am the owner and investor of the YuGMK, I am its strategy manager, and I will be executing operative and operational management of the entire holding. I will be the person who is openly coordinating industrial programs with the Governments and Heads of the Republics, who is upholding, financing and controlling the programs."

On February 27, 2017 DPR and LPR then-Heads Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy demanded that Kiev lifts the blockade of the region by March 1, 2017. As Kiev failed to fulfil the demand, an external management was introduced at 43 Ukrainian enterprises.

Among the Ukrainian companies were such industrial giants as Enakievo Steel Plant and its Makeyevka branch, Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant, Yasinovsky Coking Chemistry Plant, Dokuchaevsk Flux-Dolomite Complex, Konzern Stirol, DTEK enterprises, DonetskStal Steel Plant, Komsomolets Donbassa mine, Zasyadtko mine, Zuivskaya thermal power station. The halt of coal export from Donbass to Ukraine forced Kiev authorities to declare an emergency in power industry. A number of major enterprises suspended operation.

In June 2021, DPR and LPR leadership announced the substitution of the external management company due to economic challenges. The new investor was identified as a  Russian businessman Evgeniy Yurchenko.

Currently, seven of the enterprises under external management have been transferred to YuGMK: Enakievo Steel Plant,  Makeyevka Steel Plant, Makeyevkoks, Yasinovskiy  coke-chemical plant, Komsomolskoye Mining in the DPR, and Alchevsk Steel Plant and Stakhanov Ferrous Alloy Plant in the LPR. *ot