Donetsk, Jun 24 - DAN. One billion rubles will be invested in restoring production at Donetsk People’s Republic companies, Russian entrepreneur Yevgeny Yurchenko said at a meeting with DPR Head Denis Pushilin and government chairman Alexander Ananchenko on Thursday.

“We plan to invest in the restoration of production at companies located in the Republic,” Yurchenko said. “The metallurgical process is rather high-tech and slow; blast furnace blowing-in and all output issues with damaged metallurgical equipment, are regrettably fraught with accidents when achieving maximum output." So nobody is going to run higher risks, he said adding that work had already begun to develop cokemaking.

The investor said that he was planning to hold meetings with all company representatives and workers and answer their questions. He also said that he was counting on the assistance of the Republic’s leadership.

For his part, Pushilin said that the authorities would provide comprehensive support. “We are interested in the operation of companies,” he said.

On June 11, DPR and LPR leaders Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik announced that the companies managed by Vneshtorgservis would replace the investor with Russian businessman Yevgeny Yurchenko. Yurchenko promised to clear the debts to workers and contractors.*jk