Donetsk, July 16 - DAN. Kirov mine workers launched a new coal face on Tuesday with estimated reserves of 505,000 tons, the Donetsk People’s Republic Coal and Energy Ministry press service reported.

“Today, the separate Kirov mine of the state-owned Makeevugol enterprise launched Eastern Face 6 of Coalbed h10v,” the report said. “The length of the coal face is 272 metres. The reserves are estimated at 505,000 tons of hard coal.”

The mining face has all the necessary equipment such as a KD-80 complex, a coal plough machine 1k101U and an SP-26 conveyer. The repairs were carried out by miners and specialist of the Makeevka Repair and Mechanical Plant, the press service said.

The coal face is expected to yield 560 tons of coal a day, and up to 1,000 tons after main roof installation.

“The volume of production will enable the company to operate at break even and start preparing a new coal face of coalbed h10v for launching,” the Coal and Energy Ministry said.

The Kirov coalmine, located in Makeevka’s Sovetsky district, is affiliated with the state-owned Makeevugol enterprise. Commissioned in 1955, it had been one of the most profit-making collieries before the civil war broke out in Ukraine in 2014.*jk