Donetsk, Jan 28 – DAN. Natural gas prices have dropped at the DPR state gas stations due to lower fuel purchase prices, the deputy of the DPR People's Council, head of the transport and communication committee Alexander Bondrenko said.

"The LPG prices have dropped by two rubles per liter to 22 Rub/l at the Republican network of gas stations. This positive tendency is due to lower purchase prices and state policy aimed at bringing vehicle fuel prices to minimal."

Bondrenko said that the pricing policy is "basically the result of changes in import prices set by suppliers" and the DPR authorities are doing everything to bring LNG retail markups down.

"The DPR People's Council is to continue its work on optimizing tax law to achieve reasonable retail prices by easing fiscal burden on importers and business in general."
In mid-December 2018, liquefied petroleum gas prices dropped by almost 10 percent to 24 Rub/l. Today the price is 22 Rub/l. *ot