Donetsk, Apr 1 – DAN.  The restoration and development of the liberated territories will be taken into account in the program of socio-economic development of the DPR for 2022-2024, the Minister of Economic Development Aleksey Polovyan told DAN.

“As for the target indicators of the socio-economic development plan, they were drawn up for the territory of the DPR without taking into account the liberated territories, respectively, the current situation requires adjustments. Investment programs will be reviewed in all areas of infrastructure in terms of taking into account the need to solve problems in the liberated territories,” Polovyan said.

In particular,  roads and rail capital investment plans will be revised, as well as investments in water supply and treatment systems, repairs of residential and social facilities, restructuring of coal enterprises, power generation and supply to customers, and communications.

Today, the top priority, according to the minister, is the liberation of the entire territory of the Republic and the assessment of the remaining industrial potential.
“In the near future, the issues of registration of business entities should be resolved, and later the focus will be on finding resources to restore and build new industrial ties,” Polovyan said.

The socio-economic development program was adopted in September 2022. It includes raising wages and pensions, creating tens of thousands of jobs, business support measures, and infrastructure development. *ot